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Living your best life

We want to get you into your new home as soon as possible. We’re on hand to support you so it’s a smooth transition without any added stress.

Most of our apartments come fully furnished, including a designer kitchen, kitted out and ready to go, super-fast wi-fi, so the only thing you’ll need worry about is perfecting your guacamole.

Every apartment features large windows to maximise light and highlight the relaxing waterfront and garden views. Our interiors were shaped by their environment to complement your surroundings, to help you focus on what you’re doing, whether that’s working, sleeping or relaxing after a long day.

Your tenancy agreement will list out all your responsibilities in full, so you know exactly what to expect.

* You are responsible for paying for utilities and will need to arrange for these services to be put into your name when you move in

* You will be provided with one set of door keys, including door entry fobs. Please note that you will be charged for replacement keys and fobs.


What makes us different?

We’re ForLiving. We are not a normal landlord, we are a landlord which makes every effort in improving lives by delivering real change, challenging the norm and delivering homes and places that create new possibilities.

Unlike most private landlords, we also own and manage more than 24,000 social homes for people who need a place to build new lives and become part of a community under ForHousing.

Dock 5 is a unique development which allows us to use profits to further support our goal of improving lives.

You can find out more about the great work we do over on the ForLiving website.